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Employment Opportunities

Bolsa trabajoAt Clean Concept, we have a series of values that are very much present throughout the entire recruitment process: 

Commitment, Responsibility, Integrity, Honesty, Professional Ethics, Dedication to service, Respect and Collaboration, Performance, Efficiency, Persistence, Initiative, Agility, Dynamism and Continuous Improvement.

Each person’s development enables us to maintain our team spirit, an attitude that allows each worker to contribute in the best possible way to the company’s development. ??

We are looking for team players who are committed to our organization, who take responsibility and initiative in their work, and who have a desire for continuous improvement.


We offer professional development for our employees, providing internal and external training, as well as the possibility of advancement within the organization. We provide benefits such as an accident insurance policy and health insurance. We offer a work-life balance with flexible working hours depending on the activity performed.


  • As an employee.
  • As a collaborator or sales agent.
  • Freelancer.
  • Working on specific projects.
  • Specialist subcontractor.

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