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Logo cleanconceptClean Room Concept, S.L., belongs to Albian Group. We came into being as a company in 2011, to re-launch and improve the enclosures product. Despite how recently we were created, we have extensive experience and a long history in this sector, acquired in the company Ingeclima, which is over 25 years old.

Clean Room Concept, S.L.specializes in “Turnkey” design, supply and installation of enclosures that are specifically for GMP environments, contamination controlled areas, clean rooms. The new brand, Clean Concept, gives a name to the system of architecture and solutions for clean rooms we have been developing for the last 25 years. Clean Concept puts a team of specialists (engineers, technicians, etc.) at your service, who will take care of the entire project, from the initial stage, including in-house manufacturing of all materials, to validation and delivery of the “turnkey” facility. We are a company that specializes in installing and reforming Clean Rooms, with highly qualified personnel and over 25 years’ experience acquired in assembly of facilities in the pharmaceutical sector. We belong to the Albian Group, allowing us to offer our clients “Turnkey” Projects.

We are MANUFACTURERS and INSTALLERS of enclosures that are specifically for contamination controlled areas, clean rooms.


We design, manufacture, supply and install our own enclosures system called “Flush Systems.” This system is specifically for compartmentalization of Contamination Controlled environments.

Execution of “Turnkey” projects · Architecture for GMP environments· Modular enclosures· transportable laboratories · Associated equipment · lockers, furniture, equipment integration · Air showers and bio-decontamination · SAS …. 


  • We have our own design of top quality materials, which we mechanize by numeric control machinery, and we directly manufacture most of the items to be installed. Each and every one of the profiles, doors, panels, etc. is designed in-house. We incorporate a wide range of fittings and accessories of proven quality.
  • We are the sole suppliers for facilities in buildings that must comply with GMP standards.
  • We advise and conduct the Detail Project with one single interlocutor fulfilling GMPs.
  • We guarantee planned estimates and deadlines are met.
  • We apply our quality system. Clean Concept has its processes defined, in order to ensure systematic implementation of its policies, strategies, objectives and plans following the EFQM excellence model.

This system is supported by the following certifications obtained:

  • UNE-EN ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 14006 (HPL-EPS)

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